Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Healing Powers of Austin, TX

I'm not sure what it is about going from San Antonio to Austin. But something about that drive, looking at DKR, and Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA on full blast and I was a new person. I mean, the treks back and forth to the car carrying boxes were tiring. And I found myself having to sit and catch my breath. But there was no mommy or daddy there. If I wanted to get that stuff out of the car and up to my bedroom, all I had was me, myself, and I. There was a possibility I'd get really sick and curl up in a ball on the bathroom floor and need my mom to come rescue me. By the grace of God, that never happened. I walked around west campus like anyone else. Sure I was secretly out of breath and my body temperature felt way too high. But no one knew that. I just got to be Mary, the new version of course. The version that sits for hours at Abels and doesn't order a Texas Tea, or an H-Bomb but instead a simple Coca-Cola. And the new version who calls it a night at 12:30 instead of 3:15. It was a simple night sitting around a table in bar but for those few hours, I wasn't sick. I was Mary, everyone's friend who made jokes and smiled and was exactly the same as before she left. Except there was no rum in this Coke.
My "big" accomplishment of the trip was getting my duvet inside my duvet cover. I couldn't wrap my little brain around how to do this without giving myself a heart attack. Eventually I regressed to the age of about 6 and crawled completely into the duvet cover, with the comforter in hand and, pretending my West Elm duvet was some sort of tent, went around nook and cranny of it til the cover was stuffed perfectly and my hair was a giant static ball. If I had a reality TV show, and it hadn't been cancelled and I hadn't been asked to leave the country because of my shenanigans, then tunneling in the duvet would have been my "chicken of the sea" moment. But the fact that I did this without passing out or wanting to vom was really exciting and got me thinking about all the other little things I could do around my new place. For the first time since I left Austin, I felt like getting up and moving. There were things I wanted to accomplish and none of those things involved sitting on the couch. Okay, maybe a nap midday.
I know tomorrow I might feel like complete crap again like I did over the weekend. But I also might feel okay. Who knows. I like to be optimistic though. I know most of this is probably divine intervention and there is no logical explanation for why I am able to half the things I do with a creatinine this high (mine is 5.5. Yours is probably 1 or less.). But I don't need an explanation. I'm just gonna enjoy it. If I completely break down tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be heartbroken. So I'll do my part in staying hydrated, eating what I can, and leave the rest up to God.
Prayers are still awesome. Things are moving along with donor selection but nothing is final yet and I don't want to give information out until it's totally decided upon. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, myself, and my family. Big decisions are coming every day. But at least things are moving.


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  2. Mary,

    I think you could be an inspiration to these girls... and since you are back in Austin its even better.


    They need volunteers and interns for the Fall. Check 'em out!

    Praying for you and your family,

    Jessica Silva
    Hook 'em!

  3. You are beautiful and Strong ... annnnd I love you and miss you little!