Sunday, September 6, 2009

Things I have been doing that have kept me from Blogging

  • baking
  • decorating
  • breaking things
  • surviving ikea trips
  • eating at kerbey lane
  • becoming addicted to hbo
  • reading books
  • drinking coffee bean
  • being everyone's new favorite sober driver
  • feeling way too old at frat parties
  • going to alamo drafthouse
  • tailgating
  • searching for pretty eyeshades
  • mix 94.7 90's weekend
  • 5 free wing coupons
  • disputes with our apartment company
  • watching OU continue to suck
  • making my bed every day
  • writing threatening notes to the people parking in my reserved spot
  • twittering
  • joining the pragertopia podcast so i never miss the male/female hour
  • watching Texas come out with a glorious win: 59-20! 1 down, 11 to go!
So, in this case, no news is good news. I keep myself rested. I feel no anxiety about the coming weeks ahead. I feel little symptoms of my disease at the moments I do feel bad come and go quickly. I have overwhelming feelings of nausea that tend to come on quickly and without warning. But laying down for half an hour and closing my eyes usually leaves me feeling good as new. No medication needed. The biggest problem is feeling short of breath with the slightest exertion due to my worsening anemia. This wouldn't be a big problem except I don't want to slow down. If I was okay with never getting up or going anywhere, I probably wouldn't even notice it. But since I don't want to miss any of what is now Junior year 2.0, it's just a side effect I'll have to deal with. And sometimes it's okay to slow down. But for the most part, it's not something I intend to do! Consider no news good news! Love love love.


  1. Is Kerbey Lane good? I always want to eat there. For the same reasons I want to eat at the Kirby steak house in SA. Haha.
    Any reason you make your bed everyday?

  2. It's very good! If you ever go and want lunch get the kerbey queso for sure. and the chipotle cream pasta is awesome. they are really known for their breakfast too.
    and since i have no job and no school and my only responsibility every day is to keep myself healthy-ish, i figure i need to at least keep my apartment spotless so i don't feel like a total loser haha