Monday, September 21, 2009

With Just a Few Days Left

Preparing for surgery is very similar to preparing for a trip. Though my destination is neither fun nor exotic, I still needed to get my life together. Some people have to get their financial things in order, bills paid, and such. Other people maybe like to have some sort of special gathering or have heart to hearts with all their close friends. Well, I've never been one for serious stuff. However, there were still some important things weighing on my minds.
For one thing, my Halloween costume. I know, it's September. But in Austin, there's only one place to get your costume. The creme de la creme of costume shops: Lucy's in Disguise with Diamonds on South Congress. My first year, I was fortunate enough to see Andy Roddick and stand right next to him while at the cash register. Though I have yet to reunite with Andy, I still go to Lucy's every year. The problem is that if you wait til mid-October, half of Austin is there and it's impossible to move around freely let alone find something in your size. I'm gonna be out of commission for the next few weeks. And once I can get back to running errands, I doubt Lucy's is going to be my first stop. So, it was important to go before my surgery. For the record, I settled on sexy schoolgirl this year.
Then there's the priority of football. I will be missing the UTEP game. I wish I could say I was at every game this year when we all look back at our National Title trek to Pasadena. But at least I have a pretty good excuse. I didn't want to be depressed about missing the game or even more importantly, tailgating. So, I decided to get my fill this week and tailgate for about 12 hours. Arriving at the tailgate spot before sunrise for a 7 pm game was not the wisest decision I'd ever made. It's hard to keep that stamina when you're healthy, let alone ill. By the time we had destroyed Texas Tech and gotten back home free of raider rash, it was midnight. I felt like passing out and throwing up all at the same time. Luckily I was able to drag myself upstairs and into bed. A good 12 hours of sleep later, I felt a little better. I don't think I'll ever recover fully though. And the good news is that not being able to tailgate this week is A-Okay with me now. In fact, if someone told me I had to redo yesterday all over again tomorrow, I'd probably cry. However, I will be sad to miss the game, especially Colt and Jordan (did you know they're roommates?). I just need to make sure the hospital gets Fox Sports. Oh and if you are reading and were planning to visit on Saturday, you can reconsider that now. That goes for doctors, nurses, and random techs who wander in wanting to weigh me for the 3rd time.
Besides that, I don't know what else there is to do, besides of course, setting my DVR to record all my favorite shows. Like I said, I'm trying to compare it to going on a 5 day vacay. The trip just went really bad and I somehow ended up in the hospital. I don't even remember how. See, that's not so scary.

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