Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gratuitous Eyelash Update

To those who were curious how my Latisse experimentwent, I'm obsessed. Here is my before and afterwith only really about 5 weeks of treatment. (I stopped for about 3 weeks in the hospital. My lashes are without a doubt darker, so all you light lashed gals, this is great for you. They are so thick, I feel like they need to be brushed out before applying mascara. The picture doesn't show off the length as much as I'd like, maybe cause of my lashes curling up at a certain point. But in the "after" photo, you can see shadows on my face that my lashes cast. Seeing them in person, with no mascara (which is pretty much always, these days), is the best testimonial I could give. But to those of you on the fence, try it!
I've had zero negative side effects. My eyes/eyelids never itch. My eyes didn't turn brown, and I've been paid so many compliments. I even got a $40 rebate on my first month's prescription so at least try it for a month! Worse case scenario? You wasted about $50. I know that's a lot of money, but sometimes we need to treat ourselves, right ladies? Best case scenario? Longer, fuller, darker lashes which maybe your boy toy will never notice, but other women will envy. Talk about a mini self-confidence booster... for less than most salons charge for highlights and a trim!

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