Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Cheer... for CHEAP

So I shimmied down to my local Target this morning to create a craft project to spruce up my apartment for the Holiday season. With less than 700 sq. feet in my one bedroom apartment and a dog who likes to get into anything that I leave near the ground, I have to get creative about where I can put up my Holiday decor.
Anyways, this is my latest and greatest project that works. In my mind, the sticky candy canes that you shove on your windows are a bit... ehhh.... tacky. Whether you have one window (represent!) or one hundred, this is an affordable and classy way to dress them up!

1. Christmas Ornaments (I got mine at Target. The snowmen are glass. The rest are plastic. Since my apartment has a lot of blue in it, I went with different shades of blue and silver.)
2. Bulk Curling Ribbon. The white complimented mine best, but they have so many colors. Gold or silver would be really pretty too.
3. Scissors to cut off excess ribbon

1. Thread ribbon through the ornament eye which is meant normally for a hook.
2. Measure out how much ribbon you want and then double that amount. This will be the length of the ribbon your ornament will hang from.
3. Take the top ends and double (even triple if you want!) knot it up top to keep the ribbon from coming undone.
4. Continue hanging all ornaments at different lengths until rod is full and enjoy the prettiness!

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