Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Step to Normalcy

Today is only my 9th day home from the hospital! I woke up this morning in a super amount of pain. In the morning, I seem to always need painkillers. But other than that, I'm pretty much pain free! Less than 3 weeks out of my transplant, I corrected one of the problems that has plagued me since my blood clot in October. Because of medications, stress, and illness, my hair has been falling out and causing me grief for such a long time. Today, I got extensions put in to help fill in all the hair I lost. I'm so happy with the results! Looking healthy is one of the keys to feeling healthy and I'm glad to say I'm looking (and feeling) better with every passing day! It's such a great thing to finally feel like a normal person again so quickly after surgery! The necklace is courtesy of my niece, Bella, by the way. :)

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