Friday, March 18, 2011

WHAT?! A post not about dying?!

Who's blog is this???? Mary's blog is supposed to make me feel melancholy, even somber at times? And now she's posting a craft?! What the crap? This girl is freaking bi-polar. But I wanted to show you want I've been spending a lot of my free time doing: PLANNING A BACHELORETTE PARTY! I'm the Maid of Honor in an upcoming wedding for my lovely friends Phillip Sanders and Rebecca Reese! So I had to true blessing to plan this party. I thought I'd share with you craft I came up with for placeholders. It could be for a ladies luncheon, or even kids parties:

Supplies needed: Linen Cardstock
Set of colored pencils
Markers of choice colors
Construction paper
Stamp pads (of eye colors)
No. 2 pencil that hasn't been used
Thin black Sharpie
Packing Tape
Craft Glue

1. Take Linen cardstock and crap your candy bar as if it was a Christmas present. If you're finding it difficult to cleanly fold the cardstorck, use a bone folder to press the card stock into place. Because this is a heavier paper, I recommend using packing tape to secure it.

2. Then take your construction paper and trace then cut with scissors the hair styles of the guests on his or hers appropriate color. Use your craft glue to affix the hair to the cardstock.

3. Open your stamp pads and pick the color that matches with your guest's eye color. Use the eraser of your #2 pencil to dot in the ink until it is covered to the desire you wish. You may want to try first test this on another sheet of paper. Once you feel like you've gotten the hang of it, go ahead an dot the eyes on with your stamped pencil. Use your thin Sharpie to make eyelashes and draw a simple nose along with a chin and neck if desired.

4. Take out your colored pencils to draw on lips, and if it is a female, little dollops of blush in their perfect shades. Draw appropriately matching eyebrows. Then use a skin tone colored pencil to give color to the rest of the face. Use the colored pencil of your choice to write the guest's name below his or her face.

5. Take your ribbon and wrap it around the bar so it just fitsand then some, then cut. Craft glue it securely to the front, then securely glue the overlap in the back. You don't want this to come undone.

6. Finally, if it as ceremony such as mine, I wrote titles of the guests large in the space left. Other ideas could be "The Smith Family Christmas", "Ladies Night", or "Timmy's Birthday Party" with a large marker and ruler to keep it straight. Then, admire your work!

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